Inspire Weekends

On October 8th, OSL launches the “inspire” phase of our Great28 – Capital Campaign. What does this mean for you? Well, you are invited to attend our “Inspire” Bible studies which will take place in the sanctuary, beginning Sunday October 8th and concluding on November 5, with a potluck following the late service. These will begin at 9:45am. The “inspire” phase will replace Pastor Radkey’s class in the fellowship hall, during this timeframe. What is this “inspire” phase and study all about? Many will believe we are simply greasing the skids for financial gifts. Pastor Radkey and Thompson wanted to take a different approach to these weekends, though there was an intention to speak strictly to stewardship. Our approach will be different. OSL has been saturating herself with the Great28, which is an opportunity to disciple the saved and reach the lost. This first part began with the launching of Great28 discipleship groups and has expanded to include all OSL’s Bible studies whether during the week, weekends, or small groups. We are encouraging members to, at minimum, be involved in regular worship and a Bible study or small group. Of course there are great benefits to any family being involved in more but we want to challenge our OSL friends and families to commit to two places for discipleship, on a weekly basis. So since our approach is different, what will our topic be for these 5 weeks, in the sanctuary? We are going to look at the sole importance of the Gospel and the fruit of salvation it provides plus a major focus on heaven. Our logic is simple: our discipleship, stewardship, and future is preparing us to inhabit the eternal home which Christ’s life, death, and resurrection won for us. To say it another way, heaven is what our faith rejoices in and the ultimate place we want our friends and family to be when the Lord returns in glory, at the resurrection of the dead. The capital campaign is simply providing more space for us to work toward this goal, by God’s abundant grace. The joy of heaven is before us and we hope you join us to prepare ourselves and others for inheriting this great gift! We pray our stewardship and financial commitments simply sponsor this mission, now and until our Lord returns.

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